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“Promoting Quality in the Production Process”

“Putting Our Customers in the Center”

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“Our software is a way of thinking. We Support your Every Effort”


Always With You, Right from the Start!

With every purchase we guarantee the proper installation of your new software at your facility or the activation of your account when the software is web based. Moreover, we take up the responsibility of connecting any peripheral devices related to the software and we make sure to start up your new database in order to facilitate the immediate use of the product.


Always In Sync with your needs!

All products have an open architecture and are easily and, most of all, quickly customized. With every purchase we are able to configure our software according to your needs. Furthermore, we can add, upgrade and swap components, at any given time, pursuant to your requests.

Data migration and data entry

Transferring your data directly where you need to!

In every organization where “information” is vital to its continuous workflow, everyone’s, and thus ours, first and foremost concern is not to loose any data. To that end, with every new installation, we provide data migration services, in order to transfer your data from you old computer system to the new one without any losses. This will offer you the chance to continue your work without any interruptions. Additionally, we provide data entry services to mitigate your workload (either monthly or ad hoc) and cover your every need.

Training Services

You don’t need an IT Degree!

Our software products are designed to simplify your day to day routines thanks the automated features they include. We design software programs to “think” for you but that does not necessarily mean that our programs are complex and hard to use. On the contrary, our software programs are user friendly and do not require prolonged training courses. Nevertheless, we provide the necessary training in the interest of giving you the opportunity to start using your new software immediately and effectively. Our people are ever present to train you and guide you through every difficulty.


Consult with us for your every need!

As part of an integrated solution, we offer consulting services to our users in order for them to fully utilise our products and enhance their sense of security. Furthermore, by developing custom made software, we are flexible and always in sync with our client’s requirements.


Aiming to prevent!

Our technicians are always available for further customization and maintenance of your software according to your needs, thus ensuring the smooth and continuous workflow. Our experienced software developers use Oracle and Microsoft Tools in order to properly maintain your software.

Help Desk

You need help? Call us!

The Help Desk staff is highly trained and always available to solve your problems and answer your questions. We can guarantee a successful customer service thanks to the ticketing system we have employed for internal use.

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